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NLUJ has launched the ‘NLUJ Working Paper’ series with the objective to bolster the culture of legal research in national law schools in India. This series is aimed at reflecting and showcasing the active and ongoing research in the university on diverse legal and social science topics. This research, published as a ‘working paper’, is not fully refined and fully polished/finished like a journal article or a book chapter. It represents preliminary findings and arguments of ongoing research work and hence the name ‘working paper’. It is intended to disseminate the preliminary findings and arguments of ongoing research for the purpose of exchanging ideas, getting feedback and catalysing debate.

Faculty members of NLUJ, doctoral students and other researchers and visitors to NLUJ are encouraged to publish their preliminary research in the form of a ‘NLUJ working paper’ to get feedback and comments before submitting their research to a refereed journal or any other refereed publication. It is not necessary that every ‘NLUJ working paper’ should be followed by a publication in a refereed publication, though it is desirable.

NLUJ working papers will are intended to cover any legal topic, national or international; or interdisciplinary; or policy related; or purely theoretical or even a critique of the some existing work or literature or a new policy or a case (national or international). These papers also aim to cover research in social sciences at NLUJ.

For more details regarding submitting a Working Paper, please contact National Law University at nlu-jod-rj@nic.in

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