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 As part of it mandate to conduct sensitization activities, the MHRD IPR Chair conducted a one day IP Sensitisation programme for Senior Police Officials and Public Prosecutors from Rajasthan on 24th September, 2011.  The theme of the sensitization programme was 'Criminal Enforcement of Copyrights and Trademarks'.

The menace of Copyright Piracy and Trademark counterfeiting is an ever increasing phenomenon that causes definitive harm to IPR holders. The Copyright Act, 1957 and the Trademarks Act, 1999, the legislations governing the enforcement of copyright and trademarks contain exemplary provisions regarding cognizance and prosecution of violation of the rights of IP holders. Criminal sanctions are available under the Act for effectively curbing the menace of piracy and counterfeiting. However, implementation of these two Acts has been minimal. Some States in India have taken initiatives in establishing anti-piracy/counterfeiting cells to focus on detecting and prosecuting the same and enhanced expertise. But situations of abuse of criminal enforcement of IP have been reported. Although effective implementation of the two legislations will go a long way in curbing the menace of piracy and counterfeiting that causes competitive and impacts consumers, it is also important to note that IP enforcement must be balanced with the social concerns of parallel economy and cheaper access to IP protected products.

The aim of the one day programme is to sensitise senior police officers and public prosecutors of the State of Rajasthan on issues concerning effective enforcement of copyright and trademarks. The programme is conducted with an object to explain the legal framework of criminal prosecution under the copyright and trademark law. Since the programme is the first to be conducted in the State of Rajasthan, it was exclusively open to senior police officials and public prosecutors. Around ten senior police officials and ten public prosecutors participated in the two day programme.

The programme can be downloaded from here: Click here

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