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Books authored by Students
  • Sagarika Chakraborthy, A Calendar too Crowded, published by Niyogi Books, 2012 (Batch of 2008)
  • Jayant Kumar & Abir Roy, Competition Law in India, published by Eastern Law House, 2008 (Batch of 2007)
  • Sumit Agrawal, Principal Author of India's First Legal Commentary on SEBI Act, 1992 published by Taxmann Publications, 2011 (Batch of 2007)
  • Abhijeet Sharma, Guide to DNA Tests in Paternity Determination and Criminal Investigation (A Lawyers Handbook) published by LexisNexis Butterworths, 2007 (Batch of 2006)

Students Publications

  • Anjali VS Sharma and Prateeti Goyal, SEBI: Ushering in an Era of Regulatory Activism, (2012) 2 CLJ 120 (Batch of 2014)
  • Apurva Zutshi and Aayush Kumar, National Company Law Tribunal: The Way Forward, published in Company Law Journal, Volume 2, July 2012 (Batch of 2014)
  • Aayush K. Juneja and Divya Seth, Pre-emptive Rights and Joint Venture Agreements vis-a-vis Section 111A of the Companies Act, 1956, published in Company Law Journal (Batch of 2013)
  • Animesh Khandelwal and Sneha G. Sindhu, Critical Appraisal of OECD Guidelines on State Owned Enterprises in India, (2012) 1 CLJ 71 (Batch of 2013)
  • Abhishek Mishra and Sheema Nabi Qasba ,Anomalies in Consolidation of Holdings: Regulation 11 of the Takeover Code, published in Company Law Journal (Batch of 2013)
  • Kirti Dahiya and Sanchit Agarwal, Deconstructing Sukham Ventures (India) Pvt Ltd v. SEBI, (2012) 1 CLJ 65 (Batch of 2013)
  • Jayantika Singh, Corporate Debt Restructuring: More than a mere fad? (2012) 2 CLJ 1  (Batch of 2013)
  • Nandini Seth and Sanchit Agarwal, Insider Trading: Path traversed and the Road Ahead, (2011) 2 CLJ 66(Batch of 2013)
  • Divya Seth and Vidushi Gupta, Influence of Competition Law on FDI, [2011] 103 CLA (Mag.) 49 (Batch of 2012)
  • Shipra Padhi & Pallavi Sharma, Depository Receipts: Comparison of Regulatory Frameworks in Taiwan, Brazil, Hong Kong, and India, published by National Stock Exchange of India, available at: (Batch of 2012)
  • Anish Agarwal and Tarumoy Chaudhuri, Application of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements to Fiscally Transparent Institutions: An Indian Perspective, published in INTERTAX, Vol. 39, Issue 11 (Batch of 2012)
  • Vinitha Johnson, Desperate times call for Desperate Measures? Contrasting Thailand and India with respect to Circumvention of TRIPS (In)Flexibilities in the Access to Medicines Campaign,(2012) Thailand Journal of Law and Policy, Volume 15, Issue 1. (Batch of 2011)
  • Vinitha Johnson,The Gender Divide: Attitudinal Issues Inhibiting Access, (Chapter in an Edited Book) Globalisation, Technology Diffusion and Gender Disparity, Published by IGI Global. (Batch of 2011)
  • Arunabha Banerjee and Aniket Deepak Agarwal, Taxation Issues in Cross-Borde E-Commerce Transactions, published by Taxmann, Vol. 198, Pg 108 (Batch of 2011)
  • Vinitha Johnson, A Note on the Operation of the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939 (2011) Journal of Divorce and Remarriage, Volume 52, Issue 1, 94-1008. (Batch of 2011)
  • Tahir Ashraf Siddiqui, Pertinent Intellectual Property Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions: An Analysis, published in SEBI & Corporate Laws, 2011
  • Adarsh Ramanujan, Conflicts over “Conflict”: Preventing Fragmentation of International Law, 1(1) Trade l. & Dev. 171 (2009)


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