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Publication & Conferences  


  • Ali Amerjee (VIII Sem), “The Foreign Currency Convertible Bond (FCCB) Crisis: Counting Chickens before they Hatched” in the International Journal of Public Law and Policy Vol.4 No. 3 (2014) (Inderscience, Switzerland)
  • Aayush Kumar (X Sem) and Varun Natarajan (X Sem), ‘Indo- Mauritius DTAA: The Way Forward’, 41(12) Intertax, (Wolters Kluwer) (2014).
  • Rathin Somnath (X Sem), ‘Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in India: Lal Mahal Reduces the Scope of court Interference Arbitration’,  The International Journal of Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Management, Volume 80, Issue 2 (2014)
  • Manu Thadikkaran (Batch of 2013), ‘Judicial Intervention in International Commercial Arbitration: Implications and Recent Developments from the Indian Perspective’ in the Journal of International Arbitration (Wolters Kluwer) Vol. 29 No. 6 (2012)
  • Manu Thadikkaran (Batch of 2013), ‘Local Working Requirement: Reconciling TRIPS Agreement with the Paris Convention’ in Global Trade and Customs Journal (Wolters Kluwer) Vol. 8 No. 1 (2013)
  • Puloma Mukherjee (Batch of 2013), ‘Seizure of ‘Goods in Transit’: A GATT Perspective’, in Global Trade and Customs Journal (Wolters Kluwer) Vol. 8 No.2 (2013)
  • Puloma Mukherjee (Batch of 2013) & Akansha Dubey (Batch of 2013), ‘Double Remedies: A feasible option?’, The Journal of World Investment and Trade Vol. 14 (2013)
  • Sanjana Srikumar (IV Sem) and Kanika Sood (IV Sem), ‘Sarin Gas Attacks in Syria: Origin, Significance and Implications in Public International Law’, 111 International Journal of Research and Analysis, January 2014
  • Ali Amerjee (VIII Sem), “BIFR and NCLT: Analyzing Tribunalization in India”, Company Law Journal, Vol.4 (2013)
  • Aditya Pratap Singh (VI Sem) and Niket Anand (X Sem), ‘John Doe: A New Name in Town’, 5 Company Law Journal 2013.
  • Aditya Pratap Singh (VI Sem) and Siddharth Mishra (VIII Sem), Sahara and Facebook: Time to Stand Guard Against The IPO Bypass, Company Law Journal November 2013.
  • Aditya Pratap Singh (VI Sem) and Niket Anand (X Sem), Public Interest Disclosure and Protection Of Persons Making The Disclosures Bill, 2010: Critical Appraisal, Company Law Journal Vol.3 Part 1 July 2013 p. 14.
  • Aditya Pratap Singh (VI Sem) and Siddharth Mishra (VIII Sem), ‘Corporate Golden Skirts: Now in India, SEBI & Corporate laws Journal, (2013) 118 SCL 48 (mag.) p. 48.
  • Aditya Pratap Singh (VI Sem) and Siddharth Mishra (VIII Sem), ‘The Pursuit of Julian Assange: Diplomatic Asylum and International Law’, International Online Journal A38 Journal of International Law, (4) A38JIL (2013) 1 
  • Aditya Pratap Singh (VI Sem) and Siddharth Mishra (VIII Sem), Explosive Remnants of War: A War after the War?’, International Online Journal A38 Journal of International Law, 2(2) A38JIL (2013) 284
  • Aditya Pratap Singh (VI Sem), One Person Company: A New Business Ownership Concept, SEBI & Corporate Laws Journal Vol. 119 Part 1 (1-5-2013).
  • Aditya Pratap Singh (VI Sem) and Siddharth Mishra (VIII Sem), ‘Section 66 (A) of Information Technology Act 2000: Regulating or Violating Freedom of Speech?’, ISBN Compendium Published by University Grants Commission. P. 347.
  • Dishi Bhomawat (IV Sem), ‘Multi-Tier Dispute Resolution Clauses in Contracts- With special focus on Entertainment and Construction Contracts’, 1(3) International Journal of Research and Analysis, January 2014
  • Nidhi Gupta (X Sem), No soft corner for soft serve, Excise Law Times, April, 2013, p.A7
  • Nidhi Gupta (X Sem), ‘Institutional and Industrial consumers purchasing the packaged commodities from the middle men or stockiest should qualify as the ultimate consumer’,   Excise Law Times, September, 2013, pA134


  • Workshop : RECENT Law Guest Lecture on "How to draft Commercial Contracts" Guest Speaker: Ms. Shikha Parakh, Contract Specialist, Ministry of Law & Justice, Govt. of India & Alumni of NLUJ-2010 Batch, Discussion on Shareholders Agreements (SHA) and Share Puchase Agreement (SPA)
  • Chinmay Deshmukh (VIII sem), “Redefining the role of Indian Think Tanks in Empowering the Civil Society and Governance of Modern India” at ‘The voice of Indian Civil Society in the Indian Culture’ organized by the University of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium (2014)
  • Chinmay Deshmukh (VIII Sem), Oikos Model WTO, 2014 organised by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and St. Gallen University, Switzerland in the Committee for Trade and Development (2014)
  • Ali Amerjee (VIII Sem) and Naseeruddin Ahmad (VI Sem ), “WhistleBlower Laws: Is the Scapegoat Safe?” at the International Conference on Transparency and Accountability in Governance: Issus and Challenges, National Law University, Delhi (2012) (Published in the Conference Proceedings, Volume II, P.267)
  • Ali Amerjee (VIII sem) and Naseeruddin Ahmad (X Sem), “ART Bill: Analysing the Medical and Legal Gordian Knot” at the 3rd International Conference on Legal Medicine, Medical Negligence and Litigation in Medical Practice (Indian Association of Medico-Legal Experts and Angila Ruskin University – Cambridge and Chelmsford), Jaipur (2012)
  • Rishi Murarka (II Sem) and Sunayana Sasmal (II Sem), “Women Empowerment Looking through a Judicial Glass”, National Conference on Women Empowerment, UILS Chandigarh (2014)

Books Published:

  • Sagarika Chakraborthy, A Calendar too Crowded, published by Niyogi Books, 2012 (Batch of 2008)
  • Jayant Kumar & Abir Roy, Competition Law in India, published by Eastern Law House, 2008 (Batch of 2007)
  • Sumit Agrawal (07'), Principal Author of India's First Legal Commentary on SEBI Act, 1992 published by Taxmann Publications, 2011 (Batch of 2007)
  • Abhijeet Sharma, Guide to DNA Tests in Paternity Determination and Criminal Investigation (A Lawyers Handbook) published by LexisNexis Butterworths, 2007 (Batch of 2006)
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