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Youth Parliament 2017

The First National Law University, Jodhpur Youth Parliament is being organised from the 25th to the 27th of August. It is a first of its kind initiative by the Debating Society of National Law University, Jodhpur. Through the course of the of the two day conference seven committees will be stimulated to discuss pertinent questions of law, policy, diplomacy and democracy in India, It is a platform, where each individual plays the role of a member of a committee and debates his or her stance in a representative manner. Students are the decision makers of tomorrow. Their opinions, discourse and debate is important to their understanding of complex multifaceted legal issues. The skills that they will hone are those of public speaking, confidence, diplomacy and negotiation. As a Law University we believe that discourse is a path to knowledge. Only when conflicting ideas are placed together, we know enough to form an opinion. That is the spark we want to ignite in the enthusiastic student community. the fact that students know, talk and discuss pertinent issues assures us that the future is in the hands of a well informed generation.

Published on :: 25 Aug, 2017

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