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Mooting, a very intrinsic part of life in law schools, is given great priority at National Law University, Jodhpur. It is a part of not only the co-curriculum but also the academic system within the University. All moot court related activities are regulated by the Moot Court Committee in the University, which apart from having faculty members, has students selected from across the five years as members.

As a part of the academic structure, mooting at the primary level starts with Court Room Exercises which form a part of the curriculum. All students compulsorily participate in Court Room Exercises as it also forms a part of the evaluation scheme of every law subject. These exercises are conducted by the faculty members teaching the respective subjects and the factual problem which the students argue on deals with the particular area of law of that subject.

The Moot Court Committee conducts biannually, Intra University Moot Court Competitions, with one each held in the Summer and the Winter Semesters, where the students of the University compete among themselves and distinguished judges from outside the University are invited to judge the rounds. These Intra University Moot Court Competitions serve as the criterion to allocate to the students, national and international moot court competitions where the University is invited to participate. The Intra University competitions enjoy vast participation among the students. Presently, the University participates in around 50 moot court competitions, all of which are allocated through the two Intra University Moot Court Competitions.

This system of conducting an open Intra University Competitions has proved highly beneficial for the University as far as it comes to success at national and international Moot Court Competitions. To name a few very prestigious international Moot Court Competitions where the University has achieved laurels in recent years would be Philip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition in 2010 where the Team reached the octa-finals in the international rounds, the Willem C. Vis Vienna Moot Court Competition in 2011 where the University were finalists in the ‘Round of 32’. In 2012, the team from National Law University, Jodhpur won the world rounds of the Stetson International Moot Court Competition, an achievement that commends itself. Coupled with other achievements at national Moot Court Competitions, the University finished in second place of the Mooting Premier League-III of the Legally India website for the academic year 2011-12.

Overall, there is high interest and enthusiasm among the students of the University with regards to mooting. It is taken very seriously by students and faculty members, as not only a co-curricular activity but also as an important part of the curriculum, to hone the skills of the students in order to make them better equipped to deal with the challenges of being a lawyer in the professional fields and perfect the art of advocacy. Notables International and National Moot-Court Achievements are listed below:


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