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“Nobody graduated from a library. Nobody graduated without one.”

The Library Committee ensures the smooth functioning of the library. Along with this, we have laid down strict rules in relation to issuance of books and bare acts especially for the moot court competitions to make things systematic and manageable. A plan to represent the whole system of arrangement of books in the library shelves and a mechanism to locate a documents and books easily have been sketched out.
The Committee has also undertaken the task of conducting Event Saturdays and Library Day Celebrations when quizzes, treasure hunts, documentary shows, etc. will be carried out.
Prof. I.P. Massey, Chairman
Prof. S.K. Kaushik, Co-Chairman
Dr. Archi Mathur
Dr. Leela V.
Mr. Bipin Kumar
Ms. Nidhi Gupta
Dr. Kranti Kapoor
Mr. Vinod D.

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