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Teaching IP:
National Law University, Jodhpur provides an excellent setting for IP education as it hosts the honours programme specialising in Intellectual Property Law, which is quite unique among the national law school circuit in India. At NLU, Jodhpur, the pedagogy of IP law is developed through consistent inputs drawn from faculties of science, policy science and management. IP teaching in India is largely confined to text book study. Although there have been recent attempts to improve the quality of IP law teaching in India, nevertheless, the challenges faced by IP teaching community in India largely concerns the availability of quality materials focussing on Indian law in the light of settled and emerging jurisprudence in comparative jurisdictions. The aim of the IP Chair at NLU, Jodhpur is to develop a comprehensive legal pedagogy of IP encompassing the scientific and technical aspects of patents, intricate policy aspects of IP, and managerial aspects of IP.

Subjects taught:
Compulsory Paper:  Semester VI- General Principle of IPR (GPIPR)
IP Honours Progamme: Students choosing IP honours programme read eight specialized papers in IP Law during the last two years of their undergraduate programme (LL.B).

Semester: VII
1) Patents: Practice and Procedure
2) International Intellectual Property Law

Semester VIII
3) Copyright and related rights
4) Trademarks, GIs and unfair competition

Semester IX
5) Patent Specification Drafting and Claim Construction
6) Other forms of IP protection (Industrial Designs, PVP, Chip Protection)

Semester X
7) IP and Competition Law; and Technology Regulatory Law
8) IP Transactions, Management and Dispute Resolution

LL.M Programme: Intellectual Property through the WTO (Semester-I)

LL.M (IPR & Technology Law)

IP in Practice:Understanding the need that IP students at NLU, Jodhpur should be exposed to the practicalities of the state or art IP litigation and practice, the Chair invites practising lawyers and technical specialists to deliver lectures as parts of the MHRD IP lecture series programme. In 2011, two such lecture series were organised through visiting IP specialists:

  1. Mr. Rodney Ryder, Partner, Scriboard, New Delhi (29-30 September, 2011)- ‘Special Lecture Series on IP’
  2. Mr. Ananth Padmanabhan, Advocate, Chennai (26th to 7th October, 2011)- 'Special Lecture Series on the Law of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights'
Student writing and moot courts: NLU, Jodhpur has an awe-inspiring tradition of participating in various international/national moots and student essay-writing competitions. NLU students have consistently won various IP moots and essay writing competitions that have brought laurels to the institution. Understanding the need to consistently mentor students taking part in IP moots, the chair regularly engages in providing technical guidance by providing intellectual inputs. The Chair aims to foster an academic environment conducive to student research by encouraging students to taking up writing on contemporary legal issues involving IP.
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