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Centre for Gender Studies

The National Law University Centre for Gender Studies is a wholly interdisciplinary centre within the University. Spanning a number of critical topics across the disciplines, from social theory to biomedical advances, the aim of the Centre is to increase our capacity for rigorous gender analysis and to promote awareness of its relevance in historic, economic, political, social and scientific contexts. The Centre is a locus for international gender research and runs a series of academic events including an interdisciplinary Gender Research Conference/Seminar, Symposia and a number of Public Lectures- together these events make up our Public Event Series. The Centre also publishes a Journal which is kindly supported by National Law University Publication.

‘Gender’ is a term with a very specific denotation but its connotations are varied and diverse. Concurrently, gender studies is a sphere of study which can be examined from a variety of perspectives, employing a range of tools, techniques and methodologies. Gender studies cannot be regarded as a citadel only for the intellectually elite for, profound observations on human life can emerge from the conclusions inferred from gender studies. Across Centers for Gender Studies in India as well as internationally, there are groups of people who are excited about their research and who are committed to interdisciplinary. Feminist techno science, cultural studies, religious studies, migration studies, multicultural studies, critical race studies, urban studies, postcolonial studies, studies in literature and creative writing, management studies, theatre studies, disability studies, health studies, and more, are all productive outputs of the endeavors of Gender studies enthusiasts.

With the establishment of the Center for Gender Studies at NLUJ under the aegis of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, a new era of social orientation and responsibility has been unveiled in this prestigious law school. We at NLUJ firmly believe that we can make a difference to existing gender equations in multi-disciplinary spheres.

Some of the activities proposed by the Centre are:
• Undertaking Research Projects
• Workshops for various target groups
• Undertakes gender sensitization initiatives
• Awareness Drives on Gender Legislations
• Lecture series/Brain Storming sessions
• National/International Seminar
• Working paper series
• Edited book
• Commencing a Gender specific journal
• Community networking on contemporary issues in the area of gender justice
• Assistance in policy drafting
• Post-Graduate Diploma/ Certificate in Gender Studies
• Collaboration with Government/NGO’s/ International Bodies

Objectives of Center:
• Undertake action research directly contributing to women’s mobility, capacity building, leadership skills, empowerment etc
• Inculcate entrepreneurial spirit among the girls, rural and urban grass root women
• Build Capacity of women and girls focusing on literacy, education, widening opportunities for employment, training etc.
• Redefine the gender roles and eliminate the artificial gender divide, deconstruct and reconstruct the gender roles
• Encourage a Gender debate in academic circles
• Couple Gender issues with Environment preservation
• Integrate the gender perspective into legal studies

Call for Papers
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1. Dr. Asha Bhandari
2. Dr. Rashmi Mathur
3. Ms. Rosmy Joan

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