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Masters in Intellectual Property and Management

Objective: Recent advancements and consciousness in the field of Intellectual Property has revolutionized almost all the arenas of human endeavor. IP-intensive industries—such as pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and computers—outperform non-IP-intensive industries in creating jobs, paying higher wages, driving exports, and sustaining economic growth. On the other hand, IP has also started playing a pivotal role in international regimes. International policies toward protecting intellectual property rights (IPRs) have seen profound changes over the past two decades. Regulatory frameworks regarding patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other forms of IPRs have become a standard component of international trade agreements. Managerial aspects of intellectual property have become highly significant in the contemporary corporate functioning covering all the issues ranging from IP valuation, taxation, portfolio management, strategy development to technology transfer and commercialisation.  To understand the dynamics of Intellectual Property and legal matrix, techno-legal professionals with the blended skills of law, management and IP are highly in demand. The proposed collaborative program aims to develop the skills to imbibe IP issues with a management background and then relate them to complex legal problems. It also aims to provide a detailed understanding of national and international regulatory paradigms and mechanics regarding Intellectual Property laws.

Eligibility: Minimum eligibility for this program shall be Graduation/Post Graduation in any discipline or subject from a recognized Indian or foreign University.

Admission: Students will be directly admitted to this program based on the above referred eligibility criteria. No entrance test shall be conducted for admission.

Duration:  This is a two year Masters Degree program comprising of four semesters. Each semester is of 6 months approximately with 4 papers in each semester and shall be conducted in distance education mode. The students shall complete all the papers in 4 years maximum.

Structuring of the program: The proposed program will cover legal and managerial aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. Total 16 courses will be offered in this program with four papers in each semester.  

Conduct of Contact Classes: 12 hour Online classes would be conducted for this program to support learning in each paper. 

Fee Structure: Fee shall be @ Rs. 25,000/- per semester including Examination fee.

a.  End Term Examination shall be conducted at the end of every semester.
b.  The examinations will be conducted at all the Study Centers of IMTCDL and NLU;
c.  A student must secure 45% marks in each paper and 50% marks in aggregate to complete the semester.
d.  Each Student shall be entitled to appear for one repeat chance, failing which the student will have to re-register for the entire semester again.
e.  A student shall pay a fee of Rs. 500/- (five Hundred only) for repeat Examination per paper.
f.  The entire program shall be completed within four years from the date of Registration.
g. The weight age or distribution of marks for each paper will be -

  • 30 % for assignment preparation;
  • 10 % for attendance in contact programs;
  • 60 % for the end-term examinations;

h.  While the marks sheets and all other study material relating to this Program will contain the names of both institutions, final degree shall be awarded under the logo and name of NLU only.

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