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Academics - Centre for Policy & Research in International Law

With increasingly inter-connected laws, commerce and politics of States, the study of international law has gained significant attention in the past decade. The study of international law is witnessing a shift from being purely academic in nature to having practical consequences and solving real-world issues. Thus in today’s times, there is a need forgreater focus on the study and reconciliation of the gap between India’s international law obligations and its enacted laws.

The Centre for Policy and Research in International Law (CPRIL) was set up in 2016 by National Law University, Jodhpur to promote critical study of international law, especially from an Indian perspective. The Centre wishes to do this through three major activities: the ILSA Chapter, acompliance report and an annual journal. The Centre, in December 2016, started an ILSA Chapter under the umbrella organisation the International Law Students Association (ILSA). Under this, the Centre shall maintain a blog and organise lectures, symposiums and conferences to provide platform for in-depth study and discussion on current international law issues.

The Centre will annually publish a report on the compliance of Indian laws with its international obligations. It also plans to start a journal, to take forward scholarly discussions and well as to critique existing domestic Indian laws from an international law viewpoint and offer recommendations to fill the loopholes.The Centre also aims to increase awareness among students about careers in international law, and to build their interest in the field.

Chairperson: Prof (Dr) IP Massey
Faculty Coordinators:
Mr Ashutosh Acharya
Mr Om Prakash Gautam
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