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With recent developments in the legal system, significant changes have occurred in the ways lawyers approach conflicts.  In this light, all forms of ADR, including mediation, negotiation and arbitration, are becoming increasingly imperative. The Alternative Dispute resolution committee at National Law University, Jodhpur was birthed with the aim to further the utilization of these ADR mechanisms at the university and to introduce the students to these potentially powerful tools under the field of law. The committee is thereby responsible for administering all ADR related activities on campus.

One of the objectives of the committee is to enable students from other universities to interact with the student body and this is best realized through the organization and hosting of a dedicated National Level Competition, named the Deal Mediation Competition. This competition familiarizes the student teams with true interest-based negotiation and the ways to reach wise and fair agreements.

At the University Level, the committee is entrusted with the responsibility of conducting an Intra University Alternative Dispute Resolution Competition for the students, annually. This aids in promoting student participation in ADR and acts as a basis for students to qualify for various external National and International Competitions.

In addition to this, the committee also takes up the work of organizing a separate Intra University Competition for the Fresher’s batch. This is preceded by various orientations including the Negotiation Plan Orientation which deals with details on drafting and formatting and Mock sessions that acquaint the first-year batch with the important aspects of a mediation session.

Lastly, the committee occasionally also engages in organizing workshops for the students to boost the gradually increasing interest in ADR mechanisms, for example, the CDR workshop on basic skills of negotiation, mediation and conciliation by the Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Team (“PACT”) was conducted to create awareness regarding consensual dispute resolution processes.
Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee
Dr. Rosmy Joan Chairperson
Mrs. Sayantani Bagchi Member
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