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The Cultural Committee of National Law University organises a wide range of events and competitions to lighten and brighten the environment, provide fun and entertainment and moments for enjoyment. Events ranging from comic strip writing, music competitions, dance competitions, and parties help make the University atmosphere more vibrant and colourful. The highlight event of the committee is the Cultural Week where an entire week is dedicated completely to cultural activities which include Antakcharades, Shipwreck, Whose Line is It Anyway and many more.
Events to mark festivals and special occasions such as Dandiya Night during the Navratri, Holi celebrations add to the vibrancy of the University.

Cultural Committee
Dr. Kranti Kapoor Chairperson
Mr. Anand Kumar Singh Member
Dr. Rashmi Mathur Member
Dr. Manisha Mirdha Member
Ms. Vidhushi Puri Member
Ms. Aakanksha Jumde Member
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