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Committees > Chief Warden/Wardens, Boys & Girls Halls of Residences
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The Hostel Management Committee has been entrusted with the responsibility of discipline and maintenance in the Halls of Residence ("HOR"). Presently, there are 9 HORs which come within the jurisdiction of the HMC. Since there are separate HORs for boys and girls therefore the HMC is divided into two, i.e., HMC (Boys) having exclusive jurisdiction on boys HOR and HMC (Girls) having exclusive jurisdiction over girls HOR. The power and duties of the HMC are laid down in the NLU Manual and HMC Charter.
Under the NLU Manual and the HMC Charter, a reporting mechanism has been build up whereby the HMC members are to directly report to the Chief Warden in matters of gross indiscipline. One other occasion of indiscipline, the HMC Convenors are empowered to take appropriate actions which should be ratified by the Chief Warden and / or the Proctorial Board.
The HMC also carries out important function of ensuring that the HORs are maintained properly.

Chief Warden/Wardens, Boys & Girls Halls of Residences
Dr. Bipin Kumar Cheif Warden (Boys)
Ms. Vini Singh Cheif Warden (Girls)
Mr. Vinod D. Dy.Chief Warden, Boys Halls of Residences
Dr. Gargi Chakrabarti Dy. Chief Warden, Girls of Residences
Mr. Vinod D. Amir Ali Halls of Residence
Mr. Renjith Thomas Dr. S.Radhakrishnan Halls of Residence & Radha Binod Pal Halls of Residence
Mr. Rohan C. Thomas Nagendra Singh Halls of Residence & Dr. Rajendra Prasad Halls of Residence
Ms. Kanika Dhingra Sarojin Niaidu Halls of Residence
Dr. Gargi Chakrabarti Rani Laxmi Bai Halls of Residence
Ms. Vini Singh Meera Bai Halls of Residence
Dr. Leela V. Gargi Halls of Residence
Dr. Rosmy Joan Mother Teresa Halls of Residence
Mr. Arunabha Banerjee M.C.Setalvad Halls of Residence
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