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The Centre for Legal Theory (CLT) was established under the auspices of National Law University, Jodhpur, in May 2015. In furtherance of its academic pursuits, the Centre for Legal Theory shall also be publishing the Indian Journal of Legal Theory (IJLT). The journal is an effort by CLT to encourage debate and analysis among practicing professionals and academicians in this largely ignored area of law, especially in India. This would be one of the first such initiatives in India that focus on the subject matter of legal theory. The CLT hopes that this, in turn, will enhance the understanding as well as build curiosity towards the study of and research in legal theory.

The CLT is headed by the Executive Director, Mr. Shyam Krishan Kaushik (Associate Professor) and has Mr. Renjith Thomas (Assistant Professor) and Mr. Ashutosh Acharya as the Faculty Advisor. The Editorial Board comprises of 14 student members from Years II to V at the University. CLT also has several prominent academicians from the field of Jurisprudence and Legal Theory on its Advisory Board, including Prof. Matthew Kramer, Prof. Nigel Simmonds, Prof. John Tasioulas, Prof. Stanley L Paulson, Prof. Scott Shapiro, Prof. Michael Moore, Prof. Schott Hershovitz and Prof. Brian Leiter. The first issue of the journal shall be released in March 2016. 

Mr. Shyam Krishan Kaushik
Executive Director
Centre for Legal Theory

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