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Conference On Corporate Law And Governance
The Centre for Corporate Governance of National Law Uni
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We are cognizant of the fact that in the globalized world of today and tomorrow, the lawyers and law professionals are to do global lawyering and thus have to be fully equipped with the knowledge of comprehensive transnational legal systems so that they are capable of taking independent decisions. Driven by these diverse needs, over the years increasing expertise and expectancy has led to the formation of following eight specialized centres of learning and specialized research.

National Law University, Jodhpur has established following Centres with a view to facilitate students in understanding the intricacies of legal research, corporate work culture and develop an insight in alternative forms of learning on academic and corporate subjects.

Centre for Competition Law and Policy
Centre of Risk Management and Derivatives (CRMD)
Centre for Human Rights, Women Empowerment and Child Development
Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG)
Centre for Environmental Law & Policy
Centre for IP Studies
Centre for Studies in Banking and Finance (CSBF)
Centre for Human Resources Initiatives and Industrial Relations Studies (CHRIIRS)
Legal Aid and Awareness Committee (LAAC)
Centre for Human Welfare and Empowerment
Research Centre on Transactional Law (RECENT LAW)
Centre for Advanced Research & Training in Arbitration Law – CARTAL
Centre for Tax Law (CTL)
Centre for Studies in Capital Market
Centre on Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation’
Centre for Policy & Research in International Law
Centre for Human Rights of Children and Institutional Law Development (CHILD)
Centre for Gender Studies
Centre for Legal Theory
BRICS Law Institute
Centre for Litigation Studies
Centre For Wellness And Counselling (Cwc)
Centre for Criminal Law Studies (CCLS)

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