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Academics - Centre for Competition Law and Policy

Competition Law is an important sphere of law in India and abroad. More than 120 nations across the world had enacted their competition laws which are given different names including anti-trust laws and fair trade laws. India had enacted its Competition Law in 2002. The Competition Commission of India had started working from 2008 and presently deal with anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominant positions and combinations. Competition law is taught in NLU, Jodhpur both as an optional subject also as Business Law Honors subject.

The Centre for Competition Law and Policy will be created as an initiative to promote interdisciplinary research in the field of competition law and policy making. Competition law issues also involve developments in the fields related to sectoral regulators. So the centre will promote interdisciplinary research in the field of regulatory laws in India. The Centre will provide a forum where leading practitioners and academician, scholars and students, can discuss and exchange views on contemporary issues of competition law and policy.  The Centre will establish an institution of excellence in research and teaching concerning competition law and policy. 

The major activities of the Centre will be as follows.

  1. Work on research projects in the field of competition law and policy and also interface with sectoral regulators in India – For that Competition Commission of India and other organizations will be contacted. National Law University, Jodhpur, has the strength of energetic students, strong IT infrastructure, and talented academicians who can accomplish the requirements of the projects.
  2. Have guest lectures scheduled within the National Law University, Jodhpur in the field of Competition law and policy, mostly from the Experts in the field, as there is lot of professional work carried on in the field of competition law and policy.
  3. Organize workshops within the NLU Campus, on subjects related to Competition law and policy, and contemporary issues, on which academic inputs are required.
  4. Get publications made out of the research projects accomplished in the field of competition law and policy in India.
  5. Develop Working paper series where issues relating to competition law and policy will be addressed. The contribution of scholars in the area will be published and cater to the needs of practitioners, professionals and stakeholders who deal with competition law and policy in India.

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Lecture of Mr. Manas Choudhuri

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Proposal for Guest Lecture By Rahul Satyan Lecture by Rahul Satyan

Prof. I.P. Massey : Executive Director
Mr. Anand Kumar Singh : Member


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